HR/OD Projects

Job Description

A well-articulated job description is key to landing you the perfect candidate. Let us help you paint a clear picture of how a particular candidate can contribute, learn, and grow professionally in your company.

Job Evaluation

Our Job Evaluation methodology aptly measures the value of your employees’ work, vis-à-vis your other employees’ work in different departments. We seek to assist you in developing work alignment in your talent pipeline, and help ensure that your current structure bodes well with your company’s strategic goals, culture, and competency frameworks. 

Succession Planning

An integral aspect of a healthy work environment is its leadership culture. It is not only crucial to lead well and deliver results, but it is also equally as important to ensure that your work will continue to be built upon. We can coach you in how to build a leadership pipeline, and identify candidates who are best fit for the job.

Training Needs Analysis

The most productive staff are the most fulfilled and happiest. Learn to properly identify the training and development that your staff need so that they can perform their tasks more effectively and efficiently.

Executive Search

Looking for C-suite, senior, and executive professionals to lead your growing team? Our Executive Search service saves you the time and effort in scouring applications. By implementing a rigorous approach, we will assist in finding you the high-performing talent you need to deliver results.

Climate Survey

Whether it’s a startup at its early stages, or an established large multinational company, it is important that its vision and mission is clear to its employees. Our Climate Surveys will delve into your internal communities and will seek to address the gap between the management’s and the employees’ vision.

Mystery Client Survey

Are you in need of direct and objective feedback? Our Mystery Client Survey employs tried and tested observational research techniques that will report on how skilled your staff are in conducting customer service.

Focus Group Discussions

Do you need to get a pulse of what your employees or clients want? We can collate information and conduct Focus Group Discussions that will get to the heart of the matter. Whether it’s your internal or external audiences, we can give you top-notch qualitative research that will help you make more informed decisions.

HR Policy Writing

Your policies are the backbone of your organization. Our HR Policy Writing service will set the basic frameworks for human resource management, tailored to your specific needs.

Executive Coaching

With our esteemed portfolio of industry experts, we can help you strengthen your strategic vision, and ensure your tactical strategy is aligned with your goals. We can lead you through the change management process, and assist in refining your organization’s work flow, culture, and structure.